Traffic report Full Node week 1

Last couple of weeks there has been a great increase in the number of full Bytecoin nodes. Full nodes are Bytecoin instances running 24/7 to supply the P2P network with reliable source for synchronizing of the block chain. A couple of nodes are also offering RPC services which allow users to connect their wallets directly to a nodes. This greatly reduces the time to get your wallet ready for use (minutes not hours). A list of known nodes can be found here.

To better understand the requirements on bandwidth, cpu and memory we have been gathering some statistics of our Ubuntu server. First the number of P2P and RPC connections.

To support this number of connections only part of CPU and available memory (8 GB RAM) where used.

Using vnstat the traffic of the last 24 hours can be visualized. (Time is given in UTC.) Clearly there is some trends throughout the day. If those are ignored one would expect to receive 1.5 GiB and send 2.5 GiB in any given hour or 4 GiB total traffic. This number is fairly stable and no large peak loads were found. This was unexpected as first time connection of RPC client requires to send all the block headers. If many first time RPC connections connect in the same hour one would expect a peak.

In the day to day log we can see that traffic is fairly stable. First day, 08/02/2017, should be skipped as there was some load testing performed on the server that day. Only 08/06/2017 was significantly more busy than other days.

Are you also running a node? Please consider sharing your statistics. You can post them in the comment section below or share a link to the statistics.

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