Setup Bytecoin Wallet under 5 minutes (OSX)

Getting Bytecoin up and running can be tricky the first time. Personally I could only succeeded with some help from the community. This tutorial offers a light weight approach to getting your BCN Wallet (v1.1.8) installed and ready to use in under 5 minutes.

Step 1 – Download the Wallet

Go to the Bytecoin website and download the wallet. (In this tutorial we will be using version is 1.1.8.). The wallet downloads you need are marked in the screenshot bellow.

Step 2 – Install the Wallet (OSX)

Got your download folder

Open the BytecoinWallet-1.1.8.dmg file

Drag and drop bytecoinwallet into you Applications folder.

Step 3 – Setup Bytecoin

First time you start the app you need to find it in your Application folder and ctrl+click it. Select open. There will be a popup

“bytecoinwallet” is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?

Select “open”.

Note that you will only need to do this once. Next time the wallet will open like any other application.

Create a new wallet

Set a password to protect your wallet

It’s recommended to backup your wallet at this point. Go file > Backup Wallet to create a back up.

Step 4 – Connect to remote Bytecoin node

To help the network it’s best to sync your local blockchain with the network. This will take a long time to download through the P2P network (expect hours or even days before it’s done). To get around this connect to a remote node by going to menu “bytecoinwallet” > “preferences”  and apply the following settings:

You will need to restart your wallet. And that’s it you are done! The remote node will update your block-chain. Depending on how far you local chain is up-to-date and the connection you should be up and running fast. Local test had node synced and ready to go in just 15 mins.

Once your first setup is done please consider switching back to auto select in preferences. You wallet will now use the previously downloaded data to build local database. This will take some time (couple of hours), but frees up the node to support other starting from fresh. Think of the node as away to give you Bytecoin installation a boost to get going, but once it’s moving your fine on your own.


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