Run the Bytecoin Wallet as light client

The Bytecoin Wallet needs a Bytecoin node to connect to in order te retrieve information from the blockchain. By default the wallet will start a local node. On first start this node needs to download all the history of the entire blockchain (around 7 GB) from the Bytecoin network. This can take several hours or even days depending on your connection. The process can be much quicker if you grab the blockchain and download it directly from the Bytecoin site. But you can also connect to a remote node. This will work out-of-the box, which is great if you want to just connect and get going with your wallet or as a backup if your local node is not preforming.

Setting the connection to remote node is done in the preferences settings. From auto selection (which defaults to embedded) switch to remote daemon. That’s it! Just launch the wallet and you are connected. Feel free to connect to at port 8081.


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