Issues switching from remote node back to local using

In you have been using the remote node in combination with the official Bytecoin  wallet version you may experience issues when switching back to local or automatic mode. It most cases the application will crash and a simple restart will solve the issue.

Some users report that restarting the wallet application results in yet another crash. If your get stuck in this loop don’t worry there is a simple fix using any text editor of your choice.

  1. Browse to you Bytecoin data folder. Default on Windows is something like C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\bytecoin
  2. Open the GUI configuration file bytecoinwallet.cfg using Notepad or any other editor
  3. Change the connectionMethod value to
    1. to use the Embedded node (default)
    2. to use the Local Daemon
    3. to use the configured remote node

That’s it. Start your wallet and things should be back to normal.

Bytecion Web Wallet released

The Byteecoin web wallet has been released one week ahead of schedule. This marks a big step in the development of the BCN ecosystem. The new wallet makes setting up a wallet as simple as creating an account! See the wallet in action here.

A review of the wallet will follow shortly so stay tuned.

Avoid daemon crashed

The current on going experiment on this blog is to run a full node for Bytecoin (bytecoind) on a server 24/7 including the RPC remote service. The node will strengthen the P2P network and offers users to option to connect their desktop wallets directly to the node. Connecting directly to a remote node greatly decrease to time to setup a new Bytecoin installation.

During the experiment the node would stop working after a couple of days (4-5 days) while the server didn’t run out of resources. To resolve this issue one should setup a swap disk.

To setup the disk run

sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/swap.img bs=1024k count=1000;sudo mkswap /var/swap.img;sudo swapon /var/swap.img;sudo chmod 0600 /var/swap.img;sudo chown root:root /var/swap.img;sudo nano /etc/fstab

This will open the nano editor.  Append the last line with the following and save.

/var/swap.img none swap sw 0 0

Most likely you will need to reboot your server for the changes to become effective.

Traffic report Full Node week 1

Last couple of weeks there has been a great increase in the number of full Bytecoin nodes. Full nodes are Bytecoin instances running 24/7 to supply the P2P network with reliable source for synchronizing of the block chain. A couple of nodes are also offering RPC services which allow users to connect their wallets directly to a nodes. This greatly reduces the time to get your wallet ready for use (minutes not hours). A list of known nodes can be found here. Continue reading →

RPC server

To setup an RPC server for Bytecoin one needs to configure the daemon, bytecoind, to run the RPC service for all connections. Setting up the daemon itself was explained in a previous blog.

By default the RPC service will be setup for the local host. To allow connections from outside you can either specify one IP or allow all. This is setup by starting the daemon with following command line call:

./launch bytecoind –rpc-bind-ip= –rpc-bind-port=8081

IP means everybody. You can also specify which is the default behavior limiting the RPC service to the localhost. It’s also possible to target a specify IP, but I haven’t tested that option yet, so not 100% sure it will work.

If the setup is to support large number of clients for RPC you may want to opt out of supporting p2p network.  You can set this up by adding –hide-my-port, i.e

./launch bytecoind –rpc-bind-ip= –rpc-bind-port=8081 –hide-my-port



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